Joy Hing Roasted Meat

If you are looking for authentic fat dripping char-siew on Hong Kong Island, this nicely glazed char-siew is the one. This family run business apparently dates all the way back to the late Qing dynastry, surviving through the WW2 Japanese occupation and into post-1997 Hong Kong. That’s a heck lot of history and loyal customers. I hear you crying, omg fat fat drip drip slurp slurp. Yes but you gotta eat it once, else you will go home with that thought of regret at the back of your head. Your brain is composed of fats anyway, surely a little more will do it some good!

One bite and you know you are vindicated as the juices oozes into your mouth. The meat was nicely glazed with chewy charred texture, something you can never find in Singapore. But the next thing you know, they also do a crispy roasted pork. Golly, look at that meat.

The meats/fat go very well with white rice. Next thing we know, they were all tucked into our tummies. Damage was HKD126 (~SGD21) for 3 persons. Crowded little place with not much room to move. But after eating all that, you definitely want to move your legs as much as possible! Satisfying!

265 Hennessy Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong