Ministry of Crab (Colombo)

The Ministry of Crab is nestled within the pleasant oasis of the Old Dutch Hospital in Colombo, within walking distance of many international hotel chains. It is no wonder that the restaurant is usually packed full of tourists and reservations are required.

It is no secret that the majority of customers are here for that plump mud crab which they proudly line up as going up to 3kgs. Strangely we didn’t see any fresh crab tanks around, even though river prawns and their cousins are openly displayed.

We begin with a heaping of curried river prawns. This is accompanied by Kade bread which one drenches in that savoury bath, and before long all the curry is wiped clean from the bowl.

Fancy any crab butter

Next comes the stars of the show. We went for the more economical option of the Large (900g) crab done 2 styles. Each crab will be setting you back about USD30-40. Being from Singapore where the chilli crab originated from, we decided that we might be better off trying something different.

The outcome is decidedly finger smacking good. You will spend the next 20-30 minutes gnawing and breaking crab. Don’t bother ordering beer before your meal because it will be lukewarm by the time you are done.

Don’t forget to take a picture with the cool bib provided. If anything, this was definitely the highlight of any Colombo trips for the Eatvestigator.

Ministry of Crab
Old Dutch Hospital
Daily – 12pm-3.30pm, 5pm-11pm