Lam Yeo Coffee Powder Factory

Friends of this eatvestigator would know that this eatvestigator loves to try beans from all over the world. Besides returning from most overseas trips with a bag of coffee beans from that locality, this eatvestigator also hand grinds the beans and brew them with an Aeropress. This eatvestigator tends to avoid the bigger brands like Nylon coffee, preferring to go for this lesser known shop at Balestier.

The shop has been in existence for decades, and supplies the local coffee scene (i.e. kopitiam) with their blend of coffee roasted with butter and sugar, in the range of $8-10 per kg.  These are typically blends of Robusta and Arabica that are sourced from Indonesia and Vietnam.

The younger owner who took over from his father, also sources more exotic stuff from other continents. There are more than 20 types for your choosing. At an average of $12/250g, this is probably 30-40% less than what you would pay at other popular cafes which merely resell beans that aren’t roasted by them.

If variety is your preference, then you could just buy 250g of different origins and try to your heart’s delight here. This eatvestigator bagged 250g of Bali origins for $4.50 that day, along with the normal coffee mixture.

Those beans went into an Aeropress, and go very well with condensed milk for an authentic-tasting rendition of kopi at less than 20 cents a cup. As for the Aeropress, it retails for approximately $65 in Singapore but you can get them on Carousell for ~$49.
328 Balestier Road,
Singapore 329760