Lestari Grill & Pasta

Out in the moonlight charmed rice fields of Bali, there is a ranch and its sister restaurant. Far flung from the urbanized mess of Kuta or Seminyak, the latter has a romance that would draw you back to it, again and again. Here, the grills and hand-made Italian pieces plead for one to dine al-fresco under the moonlit sky. Unfortunately on such a night, the drizzle compelled us to take shelter indoors. The symphony began with a complimentary brush of Salad on bruschetta. Such was the hospitality of Bali that complimentary appetizers of artisan bread appear to be the norm at most establishments.

First came the Tuna Dill Medaillons (est ~$15.00), pan-seared sashimi grade tuna which did not seem to speak the same language as the freshness of the country air. Nevertheless the piece dé resistance made its appearance with the Ravioli Carouselle (est ~$15.00), carrying five different varieties of ravioli fillings (butter, tuna, mushroom,  roquefort cheese, balinese spices).

Ending this concerto was a thick and gorgeous concoction of chocolate mousse ($6.00) with a dash of peppermint leaves that wafted into the air of the fields and night. With such hearty goodies at pocket friendly rates in timeless charm, one would do well to make a date here the next time Bali beckons.

Jalan Umalas II, Bali 80361 Indonesia


Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar

Do you seek adventure? Little did you know but it’s right near our doorstep, a Russian restaurant. A vintage $50000 bottle of 1841 wine lives somewhere in the premises that imagines itself in a far flung meadows and seas. Underneath the vintage European look, the menus are entirely modernized and presented on iPads (sadly they are not using Square payment system).
We chance upon the Singapore Restaurant Week special of lunch for $25++. What transpires is a melody of Borsch Soup followed by Herring in cream sauce and a Raspberry shortcake.

A real test of whether the premises are Russian would be whether they serve kvas ($8), a lightly alcoholic malt drink found commonly on the streets of ex-communist bloc countries, a drink of the common man. Heavily sedimented and freshly brewed on the premises. Water of life.

9/10 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089593
Mon–Sat: 12pm – 12am