What can be more indulgent than an afternoon having high tea and desserts with friends at this “Alice In Wonderland”-esque outfit. The name, Oomphatico’s, just pops out at you when reading it out loud in your head. She’s been waiting there all these time just beckoning for you to discover her, give her lick, and tell her what a bad ass Tiramisu ($10.90) she has.

Taste her we did…   we gulped down That Chocolate Set ($12.90). The lava choc was thick, warm and luscious, ice cream was mandatory but the mousse was like a bad date gone sour. Thereafter, a pang of boldness took over our appetite and we decided to venture up the rabbit hole to check out her mains. Oh boy, she pampered us with her Duck Meat Risotto ($14.90)…

Oh it was warm out of the pan, the flavors that were emanated kept us deep in that homely bliss you have from lovers’ embrace. Next up came the Parmesan Ham with Rocket Pizza ($17.90)…

Look at that fistful of rocket! She just kept spooling us but we didn’t have the stamina to keep up. We called a time-out, but oh this enchanted land was so mesmerizing, we hated to leave her.

163 Tanglin Road (Besides Trader’s Hotel)

Open Daily 8am-11pm
(Update: Closed as of December 2011)

Xavier Has Arrived

Reader, behold… you have reached The Sinful Eatventures of Xavier, a food exposé for the discerning and crassy reader in everyone. In weeks to come, I shall share with you the excerpts from my eatventure conquests.