After a famishing 3 hours through JFK immigration, this eatvestigator needed a quick and dirty refill. Therefore the sound of some authentic cheeseburgers sounded like magic to this eatvestigator’s ears. However Burger Joint’s location at Le Parker Meridien Hotel raised some initial eyebrows of its authenticity as a locals’ joint or instead as some posh nosh. IMG_0166The latter fear proved unfounded upon joining this snaking long queue in a dark narrow corridor of the hotel’s lobby. It was a nail biting one hour before the eatvestigator’s party finally wormed through the doors of the joint. However our ordeal continued for another half an hour as the blasts of meat-touch-grill vapors attacked our olfactory glands while we waited for our orders to be be taken.
IMG_0176IMG_0179The dimly lit interiors were cramped and could probably sit about 40 patrons at any one time. Make sure you have a partner to keep a lookout for and grab any free seats. The menu is rather hard on the eyes but you get the idea of what you need to do. You don’t come here to be a calorie counting health wussy, get a cheeseburger (~$9) with all the works! You give your first name and wait 20 minutes to be called as your order is prepared. By now, you must be cursing about how this wait better be worth it. To numb your ordeal, you could order some draft beers they have on the tap.IMG_0181 IMG_0184Look at those babies burning behind! Not before long, your moment of appeasement comes in the form of a piping hot gooey fistful of liquified mozzarella fused with patty. As you take your first bite, the dim lights seem to grow brighter like seeing the face of the divine. Verdict: yes, this fat crime was worth the pain and ordeal.IMG_0190

Le Parker Meridien
119 W 56th Street
New York, NY 10019

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