IMG_0453Weekend brunch in NYC need not be an overtly pretentious affair. This neighborhood joint offers some honest and hearty bagels with long queues to boot. You can enjoy your holey snacks over a cup of Thai iced tea in the spartan interiors. Most patrons are usually buying their bagels as take outs, so sitting space is aplenty despite the queue.
IMG_0440 IMG_0442
Behold the range of spreads! You can get plain bagels for $1 each in quantities of a dozen. Other varieties like sesame, onion or garlic are also available with your choice of accompanying spreads.  This eatvestigator opted for safe choices like plain with savory eggs and bacon (~$3.50), and garlic with strawberry cream cheese (~$3).
IMG_0450 The bite was dense and chewy with hints of sweetness, dancing to the accompanying spreads. Note that one of these is already enough to fill you up for a meal! If you are planning to embark on an epic journey with a fellowship to destroy a ring, and need some comfort food, these will make good substitutes for Lembas bread. Unfortunately too much time spent shooting the pictures for this field report meant that the bagels had turned cold and were not such a joy to eat. You do not need to repeat this eatvestigator’s senseless mistake. Don’t take pictures, take a big bite and enjoy this New York delight!

Upper West Side
2788 Broadway
New York, NY 10025

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