Toh Soon Cafe

Coffee, eggs and kaya toast are the definitive breakfast classic in Malaysia & Singapore, ranking alongside nasi lemak. Here in this alley spot along Lebuh Campbell in Georgetown Penang, this classic alley dining eatery harking back to the 50s. This eatvestigator spent a good 10 minutes trying to find the lane.
You know the ritual, it starts with the soft boiled eggs, dabbled with pepper and dark soy sauce. Stir those in and break up those yolks!
Toast is fired up over an old school oven, which gives that airy and crispy crunch that the eatvestigator likes of Vietnamese baguette. Smear them with kaya, and sandwich them with a handsome slice of butter!
Lastly, coffee with condensed milk. The total set barely costs RM4. On the sidelines, there are also nasi lemak and curry puffs being sold, but this eatvestigator wolfed them down before pictures could be taken.

Toh Soon Cafe 多春茶室
184 Campbell Street
Off Penang Road, George Town, 10100 Penang
8am-6pm (Closed on Sundays)

The Coastal Settlement

What’s not to like about a cafe that isn’t accessible by half the population without cars? Located in the lush recesses of Changi, enough of a crowd still makes it here to warrant brunch prices you will find in Orchard.
Light, airy and garden-esque, it certainly has an appeal that is long lost in the city. Getting here is then part of the fun.
Finger food like these fried portobello fries ($15) are generous in portion size. You do get your money worth of mushrooms. Everything here begs to be shared, so get at least 4 persons, and the couples should stay off this.
That is one fine runny scrambled eggs that came with the Big Breakfast ($24). The butter-jam spread goes so well with the bread, this eatvestigator is wondering where to get some himself.
If breakfast is not your thing, there’s the more down-to-earth Fish Tacos (~$23) which come with a generous dressing of salsa, rocket and avocado. This would be really good for a movie night.
As if we have not been spoilt enough for choice, pizzas are offered with combination topping mixtures. We had half Prosciutto and half of Garlic Prawns (~$25). The crust was airy and thin like an iPhone, but crispier.
If there’s ever a place one gets an orgasm for brunch, this would be it. This is not the place for budding writers. But if you need a getaway with a group of friends to reconnect over colourful food and artsy decor, this place will keep you coming back.

200 Netheravon Rd Singapore 508529
Tue-Sun: 10.30am-10pm

The World Cafe, Perhentian Kechil

Just off the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia lie the Perhentian Islands, the budget alternative to Redang Island. The idyllic beach and astoundingly pristine waters were welcome doses of paradise. Unlike Bali, the magnificent landscape doesn’t come with good food options to match.
After many misses, we came across what was probably the best find on Long Beach (Pasir Panjang).
It came with a beach view to match…
… so we settled in for healthy doses of cocktails. These were pretty good for RM25 at happy hour.
Dinner followed soon after. The king prawn pasta (~RM35) came with a large prawn head, attached to a disappointingly small body.
If you see a plethora of fish during your dive, naturally you feel like eating some. The sea bass filet (~RM40) came with a very nicely done serving of mashed potatoes.
If you are feeling any aches, conveniently within the establishment is this open air massage. They take credit cards (oh yes!), and you don’t have to be a guest of the resort either. Fixed time bookings through the restaurant are needed though.
If you have moolah to spare, the World Cafe is part of BuBu Village which offers chalets where you can spend a night at, although they are pretty pricey. What’s not to love about having such a view and good food outside your hut.

BuBu Villa
7.30am to 10.30pm